Tenant Policy

1. The property is available on rent and should not be considered as PG. As a resident of the said property, I understand that.

2. In case of any maintenance such as electric, and water, I will write a complaint in the book with security and post the concern to HomeInn officials if no action taken.

3. All the consumable items or bills needs to bought and shared by the residents living on the said property.

4. Electricity bill (amount of 1500 – only applicable to Pune residents), WiFi bill will be paid by HomeInn. If electricity bill goes above the said amount, exceeding amount will be shared by the residents.

5. As a resident of the said property, I will take care of the property like my own.

6. Cleaning maid is included in the rent. However, as a resident, we will coordinate with the maid.

7. I will be proactive in terms of cleanness and other repair works that would help to avoid any problem.

8. In case of a concern, HomeInn will get the solution within 72 hours. However, if it is the issue with some resident such as behavior or so, it may take one week time to get the solution.

9. HomeInn has authority to ask the resident leave on a notice of 7 days.

10. In case of shifting, I will inform HomeInn in advance of 15 days.

11. HomeInn is responsible to return the deposit money after the deduction (if any) in 48 hours after the person vacates and hands over the keys.

12. I am making sure the amenities or apparatus provided are in function.

13. If a machine/ apparatus/device goes out of order HomeInn will help us out to provide number or other related details. Full cost of repairs will be bearded and shared by current residents in flat.

14. As a resident, we are responsible for our belongings and HomeInn is not responsible for any loss.

15. As a tenant, I take full responsibility of my visitors. In case of any issue, I should be liable for the behavior and damage done by my visitor.

16. Rent needs to be paid on 5th of every month. In case a person joins in later date of month, s/he can pay the rent of remaining days of that month and start the month from 1st.

17. In case of company receipt, the resident has to pay 9% GST tax. Rest 9% will be borne by HomeInn.

18. Amount of Rs 2000/- will be cut from security deposit if a tenant stays for more then 6 months and Rs 1000/- will be cut for tenant staying less then 6 month.

19. I am solely responsible for my Security and activities done by me in the facility. HomeInn will provide only living facility and is not responsible for my Security. I Understand that.

20. As a resident, I will be filling the required for from HomeInn and there is no agreement done between owner and me.

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